Student Travel Support

AIRS offers small grants to students presenting at the conference to help cover the cost of travel, lodging and registration. To be elegible for travel support, students must be authors of full, short or demo papers and presenters of the work at the conference. Application from students that have not authored a contribution in AIRS 2015 will be considered, but will be ranked lowest across among all applicants and may thus be unsuccessful in obtaining sponsorship.

In most cases, the travel grants will only cover a portion of the travel expenses. Our goal is to maximize the number of students we can help. If the demand exceeds the available budget, we will prioritize applicants who are full-time students at the time of the conference and those from low-income countries. These grants are given in the form of reimbursement, so students will need to plan to cover their costs upfront.

Students who receive travel grants are expected to register using the “early-bird” or “regular” conference registration rates and to travel and lodge as economically as possible.

Selection Criteria

Applications will be selected according to the following criteria.


  • The student's host university and/or supervisor is unable to fund (or fully fund) the travel.
  • The student will stay in cheap accommodation during the conference.
Desirable (but not necessary):
  • The student is presenting a contribution (full paper, short paper, or demo) at AIRS 2015.
  • The student has not attended any conferences during their candidature and is nearing the end of their candidature.


Applications need to be sent by Friday, October 9, 2015, 11:59:59pm everywhere in the world (AoE timezone).
To apply, email your application to; the email should contain:

  • Your full name, affiliation, student status and year of study,
  • The title and authors of the AIRS 2015 paper you will present, if any,
  • A letter from your supervisor confirming you are a student and that your organisation cannot (fully) cover your travel expenses,
  • Details about your travel plan, costing and the amount requested to AIRS 2015 (please be aware that AIRS 2015 may not be able to award you the full amount requested).